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If you simply type a web address in a post, and then put a space or period after it, it will automatically turn into a web link.  But the link will use default settings that will NOT open up a new window when someone clicks on it.  I would much prefer my site links to open up a new window.  Follow these steps to build a new link that will open in a new window:

  • Enter the text that will become the link – such as:  Shoutcast Radio.
  • Highlight the text that will become the link with your mouse. 
  • Click on the Link tool on the post toolbar, and a link window will open.  Enter in the web address in the first box after the http:// (If you are pasting the link, make sure you don’t have the ‘http:// part in there twice!)
  • In the Target line, choose whether you want the link to open in this same window, or to open the link in a new window.  (I recommend a new window.)
  • Put a title for the link if you wish – in this case enter Shoutcast Radio – and click the Insert button.  (Ignore the class box.)



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