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If you simply type a web address in a post, and then put a space or period after it, it will automatically turn into a web link.  But the link will use default settings that will NOT open up a new window when someone clicks on it.  I would much prefer my site links to open up a new window.  Follow these steps to build a new link that will open in a new window:

  • Enter the text that will become the link – such as:  Shoutcast Radio.
  • Highlight the text that will become the link with your mouse. 
  • Click on the Link tool on the post toolbar, and a link window will open.  Enter in the web address in the first box after the http:// (If you are pasting the link, make sure you don’t have the ‘http:// part in there twice!)
  • In the Target line, choose whether you want the link to open in this same window, or to open the link in a new window.  (I recommend a new window.)
  • Put a title for the link if you wish – in this case enter Shoutcast Radio – and click the Insert button.  (Ignore the class box.)



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Recently, WordPress unveiled some improvements in the Akismet interface (which lets you control spam on your blog) which were announced in January. One great improvement is that there are now tabs that separate spam by type, such as a comment, pingback or trackback. WordPress is also starting to discard spam on posts that are more than a month old, to keep the size of your Akismet queue down. But if your spam queue does not get that large, you can turn this option off under Options, then Discussions. For more details on this announcement, visit this post:

Click here to read Matt’s January 2008 announcement regarding new Akismet features!

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As a computer instructor at a large suburban library, I enjoy helping people of all ages improve their computer skills. I find a large part of the task is simply helping folks get a handle on the lingo.  And blogging introduces a whole new language that can be rather mystifying even to those with an extensive computer experience.

So I highly recommend to my students — and anyone new to blogging  — the excellent glossary I discovered today over at the WordPress.org Codex site.  It is not overwhelmingly huge, and defines many important terms related to blogging in very simple language.  You can find this great resource here:  http://codex.wordpress.org/Glossary

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